The second Sumai’s good voice audition
RELEASE TIME:2019-07-26

The second Sumai’s good voice audition kicked off in July, this time the good voice signed up for a total of 44 students, this competition can be said to be a master gathering, let's take a look at it.



We solemnly invited four heavyweight mentors in the audition competition. As a knowledgeable and cultured tutor group, they presented us with a song "want to sing me to you" before the opening ceremony, which won the favor of countless fans in an instant!



This time the mentor team has different styles, including the "voice of sky" team , the "strongest voice team" , the "C exit team"and the "wind, snow and snow moon “team.

After the tutor took seats one after another, the audition entered the most tense link-the cadet appeared on the stage.Through the drawing of lots, we decided the order of the students. A wonderful piece of music, a moving melody, let our mentor and audience fall into it.

At the beginning of the program, the men fried the atmosphere of the scene hot, intoxicated singing, melted the hearts of the whole staff.





Also, sumai’s girls,singing the sweet songs, for this summer night composed a beautiful chapter.






What is more surprising is that our fan support group is also particularly enthusiastic, cheering for our contestants. The photographer also recorded a warm scene .



After two days of competition, we finished the first round of auditions, and the more exciting match is coming! Of the 44 cadets in the audition, each mentor chose five of his favorite players. How can only five seats be enough for them? Our sponsor have set up two more seats for our mentors, so what will happen to the golden seats of the war team for the eight students to be determined in the course of our to-be-match?

The player of "strongest voice team", with a "Little Love Song" to highlight the encirclement, gentle song, will bring everyone into it, applause, cheers one after another.



The other contestant, with his magnetic voice,  hold  the whole audience !



In order to reflect the fairness of the competition, in this round, we set up 50 public reviews and made a choice with our mentors. As the special guest of this game, the chairman of Hangzhou Suimai Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zheng long,commented on the singing of the students and gave suggestions.



The contest of this audition is really wonderful! The mentors marvel at the strength of the contestants and wish they could all be included in the team. Unfortunately, each of our teams has a quota limit. After a round of competition, our mentors decided on their own team members. Happy smile, and continuous laughter, so that the whole staff intoxicated with it.




Here, our second Sumai’s good voice audition entered the end, thank you very much for your participation, once again let us see different Sumai family.At the same time, we also congratulate the students who promoted, I hope they can practice hard in the next day, strive for the next round of competition, see a different self!