The second Sumai’s sound final
RELEASE TIME:2019-09-19

September 19, the second Sumais sound final in everyone's fervent hope of renewed fighting,60 days, three fierce competition, finally opened today's peak of the battle.

In order for everybody to sing as much as they could, the organizers carefully selected the venue for the final. Next, let's have a look.





Bright lights, dazzling layout, get everyone's continuous marvel, but also let everyone indulge in it. After layer by layer selection, 12 contestants reached the Finals.

At the opening of the competition, we solemnly invite Ms. Xu Haichai, President of Hangzhou Sumai Technology Co., give a speech for this good voice final. At the same time,President Xu also presented us with a mysterious prize-an extra 2699 yuan worth of tablets in his personal name, which surprised everyone present.



In the previous few games, four team mentors patiently guided the contestants.Before the game began, we invited several mentors to the stage and let them sing.





The wonderful performance of the mentors of each team was really amazing to everyone.And the contestants are ready to go.

Help the singing link 

At the beginning of the program, 12 contestants invited their own off-court guests.The songs brought by Ma Zehui and his partner remind us of the classic Golden Powder Family.



Company programmers and their partners bring "the people who love me and the people I love", happy rhythm, let everyone sing together. The partner is also a strong singer, but for personal reasons, missed the semi-finals, missed the championship trophy, today as a help singing partner, the two have a very tacit understanding.



Of course, the strength of other contestants should not be underestimated, one after another showed their own strength singing skills. Zhang Yifan and her partner, dressed in couple clothes, let everyone present enjoy the song and eat a full meal of dog food.




Singer's solo session】 

The second round of solo singing is also the real opening of the round. Ancient flowers Mulan abandoned his father to join the army, now there is Wang Yuting "loyal to the country", such a Chinese woman!



She often smiles, like her name, Yi Weiwei,to bring everyone a song,named "respectable".



The game lasted for four hours, and the audience was enthusiastic and cheered the contestants.Mr. Zheng long, chairman of Hangzhou Sumai Technology Co., Ltd., commented on the contestants participating in the competition and gave guidance.Chairman Zheng was infected by everyone's enthusiasm and could not help sharing the joy of music with everyone on stage.




At this moment, the visiting customers also came to the stage to sing together, everyone waved the fluorescent stick and swayed together.




At the end of the help Song and Solo sessions, the 12 contestants finally advanced to 8.


8 into 5】 

He, who is dynamic on the stage, once again ignited the passion at the scene today.



On the stage, he challenged himself, and today he is the most shining star, the strongest of the noise of the noise of the world.



5 into 3】

As the second runner-up of last year's good voice, Chen Wenjuan is still as stable as ever.



Her song, warm tenderness, Zhou Yadan brought to us "if there is no you," won warm applause.



The weather was dim, but the enthusiasm of the family never faded.

the first runner-up for the race】 

I want to use the word "fresh" to describe her the most appropriate, Ruan Shi Ling contestant let us enter the palace of music.



The appearance of the popular contestant Chen Yongshi drew cheers, a song "you are my eyes", let everyone hum softly, just like a concert.



The unique sweet voice of the post-90s generation, on this summer night, blooms perfectly.With a song "Small hand, big hand.",Huang Yuxin won the favor of the jury.



The music feast lasted for eight hours, and the second good voice came to a successful conclusion here. Along the way, we saw everyone's efforts and gains, efforts and smiles.We have presented awards to outstanding contestants, including the "Most Potential  ", the" Lyrics Talent ", the "Most Beautiful Styling " and champion, second place,third winner in contes.thanks to their wonderful singing, we have seen their bright spots.


Most Potential】


Lyrics Talent】


Most Beautiful Styling】


third winner】


second place】



At the end of the competition, Mr. Zheng long, chairman of the competition, made a summary of the good voice competition. Through today's singing, we also found a lot of excellent contestants. He, who wanted to be a mentor, also hoped to stand on the stage with you, show himself and challenge himself. Of course, I also hope that there will be more excellent contestants to join this stage.



Music dream, carrying unlimited, hope that we will hand in hand, together to our youth dream!