The fourth Anniversary of Sumai
RELEASE TIME:2019-07-13

On July 14, 2015, Sumai was established.From the start-up team with only 4 people at first, to 130 people today, we accept numerous challenges, listen to the most authentic suggestions of customers and strive to show the best products.

Today, we are four years old. At the same time, the family held a small celebration while guaranteeing the prescription of customers' orders. We gather in the company's conference room, a familiar place where we brainstorm and replace spilled sweat with the crystallization of wisdom.




On this celebration day, we connect members of Shenzhen and Hangzhou branches to share the joy of the festival with them.




The first meeting of the whole staff , our families feel nervous and excited, greet each other and wish our eldest parents a happy birthday. Laughter takes away the fatigue of work and reminds us of the old bit by bit.

 Chu Jianzuo, The elders of the four dynasties company, first delivered his own speech. He still remembers what he said on the third anniversary of the company: "by the 10th anniversary of the company, I will not think me to be in which company, but to think about what I am doing in Sumai." It can be seen that Sumai is the second home in the real sense to him. On the way forward, Sumai has been accompanied.




At the same time, Huang Bin, head of the domestic business department, could not resist his inner excitement and shared his feelings with the family. The number "4"of chinese is like the starting position on our track, like Sumai, ready to go, full of passion and vitality. Newton said, "give me a fulcrum and I can pick up the earth." After four years of experience, we have our own unique pillar, we are confident that in the days to come, we will be able to plant the seeds of our hope in the industry.




As the youngest leader of the company, she shared her growth after entering the Sumai. From an ignorant intern, in a twinkling of an eye have the team, in the process, Sumai brings her more than just growth, more encouragement, is hope, is the company all the way! Thank you, Sumai.




After listening to the speeches of the above colleagues, many families also feel the same way, thinking back to how they challenged themselves and improved themselves in the days of  Sumai. Time flies, four years is long, four years is short. In these four years, we have grown all the way with the company, and the company has also made progress with us. Mr. Diao Changde, Vice President of Operations of the company, also shared with us on the fourth anniversary. In the coming days, we will continue to improve our professional skills, at the same time, committed to building a corporate culture, so that employees and Sumai really progress together!




At the end of the meeting, everyone sat around and made our common wish. In the future work, we will base ourselves on a new starting point, embark on a new journey, and create a new brilliance. We are also very grateful for the support and understanding of the majority of customers.