2019 Sumai employee’s birthday party
RELEASE TIME:2019-06-27

Time is in a hurry, June is coming to an end. June 27, 2019, ,our company held the first half of the staff birthday party.

When we as a child, we said, "the school is my home, and the environment depends on everyone." When we were studying, the school was another home for us. When we grew up, we were busy working, the company became another safe haven for us. Here, we find our own shortcomings, constantly enterprising, constantly improve ourselves; here, we find our own side of the world. And the company, also gradually full of vitality and vitality. Today, let us send the most sincere wishes to the employees of the company. I wish you peace and happiness . 




Before the show began, the soul singer of the company brought wonderful songs to everyone.  Both said that the master was in the folk, and as soon as they opened voice, they surprised all of the companions off the stage. Remember the popular The Voice of China show before? As a social person, Sumai also has our own students and mentors. The opening of this year's "good Voice of Sumai" is about to begin, and the partners are ready to move.




With the moving songs, the atmosphere was suddenly hot, and this is only the beginning of the event. The wonderful song is still in our ears, and we enter the tense and exciting game.Today, Sumai prepared a mysterious gift for birthday partners, hidden in a corner of our family.  The god of longevity need to find gifts  through the cooperation of partners.



The nervous and happy Game surprised the family, and the smile explained their most real state of mind at the moment.



In this hopeful day, Of course, the company of blessings is indispensable. In the twinkling of an eye, our host's microphone has been snatched away by our buddies.





At this moment, everyone is like the closest family, talking to each other, expressing wishes and thanks, the good times are recorded by photos, recording the pace of our growth.




"people-oriented" is the core competitiveness of a modern corporate culture, excellent enterprises should have a rich connotation, profound corporate culture. Sumai regularly carries out a variety of activities every month, hoping that every partner can feel the warmth of the family. And this move, can not be separated from the full support of the company's leaders. Mr. Zheng long, chairman of the board of directors, expressed his best wishes to the birthday stars on the same day. As he said, on this day, I hope you will enjoy your own moment as much as you like!




At the end of the program, the whole audience sang happy birthday songs together, cut cakes, made wishes, blew candles, and pushed the atmosphere of the birthday party to a climax. One by one brilliant smiling face, a sincere wish, a word of gratitude, the same birthday party, but to the Sumai family are not the same moved!