Hangzhou Sumai's first Badminton Competition
RELEASE TIME:2019-05-30

The day of May is the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Like the softest smile, gentle and not sparse, warm but unrestrained, the sky is quiet, the grass is happy.


Hot season, always let people can not take steps, fortunately in the sky to make a beautiful, under the zero drizzling rain. On the afternoon of May 27, the first badminton competition of Hangzhou Sumai began. 48 members of the race took part in the competition. Although the weather was still a little sultry, the men went forward, fought in groups, and once again demonstrated the demeanor of the sumai and the strength of the team.


The competition is divided into six combat groups. Before the game, the partners encouraged each other and shouted out their own battle manifesto. The atmosphere before the competition was suddenly fired.








In order to make the competition more interesting, the organizers have set up three rounds of competition: group competition, runner-up competition, championship race. And the players, in order to compete for the championship, also did their best. As a result of the appearance restrictions set in this competition, individual members are not allowed to play many times, so that every member of the team can participate in it. At the same time, there are mixed doubles between men and women. How to play can make the score far ahead. It has become a big difficulty in winning the championship.


The member s of the team discussed the session


display of the players' style


Come on for your partner



Nervous and exciting atmosphere, so that everyone is trapped in it, the girls are also a change in the tenderness of the past, become the elite women in the team.



As a formal game, of course, it was a lot of encouragement from the cheerleading team. The shouts on the court were louder than a while, cheering for the contestants, and the members of the teams cheered, and the scene of love was recorded by the cameraman.




After four hours of fierce competition, the victory or defeat was finally decided, and the kings finally won their honor. Victory is always handed over to those who are prepared. With fine combat plans, partners strictly implement and match in place in order to win the final victory. And all the links, all need the cooperation of the team members in place, like the branches of the enterprise, only United operations, close cooperation, the outcome can be consistent as expected.


Honor list


Champion team


Runner-up team


The runner-up team



Director of the most handsome event


Best CP


an uncrowned king a journalist


They say that smile is the most beautiful sun, dispelling all haze, partners from the heart of the smile, interpretation of their real happiness. Here, the first badminton tournament is over, and we still advocate the idea of "happy work, happy life". In the days to come, we will launch more interesting activities to bring to our families. May happiness always accompany you, and may happiness remain the same.