Dreams are all under your feet
RELEASE TIME:2019-04-27

On the occasion of the annual May Day International Labour Day, Sumai held a hiking trip to "chasing after dreams." As Secretary Xi put it, "dare to have dreams, dare to pursue dreams, and work hard to realize dreams." We often set up dreams, but there are always people who retreat halfway. On the road to chasing dreams, we never stops. This time, the destination of our dream is the famous West Lake Scenic spot: Jiuxi 18 streams.




Jiuxi 18 stream is located in the mountains west of West Lake, a famous scenic spot in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It winds and twists and turns 7 kilometers into Qiantang River since Longjing, during which the foot of the mountain intersects with each other, trees are overgrown and lush and green, which is the theme of "stream water". An elegant and quiet mountain stream based on mountains and trees. Eighteen streams in the southwest of Yanxia Cave, originated in Longjing Village, around the foot of the forest, the second rendezvous poet Yu, Sun Wentaki, Jiguantaki and many other fine streams into streams, Jiuxi 18 streams, thus named.



With the laughter all the way, we arrived at Longjing Tea spot with surprise and passion. The hike was 5 kilometers. As an organized and disciplined dynamic team, after successfully arriving at the destination, we divided into 10 small captains, as the leader of each group, to lead the team members to the finish line.



During this period, we can relax the body and mind, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, at the same time, enhance the communication between colleagues. They say that communication is the nearest way to the heart, perhaps in our work, occasionally feel tired, but always firmly believe that teammates will always be your most powerful family, team is always your strongest barrier.








It seems that nature can really give people a quiet, comfortable comfort, we are bathed in the warm sun of spring, across one bend after another stream, breathing fresh oxygen, and pure nature into one.


In the process, we help each other to explore the unknown road ahead. In the twinkling of an eye, we arrived at the destination, the place of the dinner of the event-Lin Quan Villa. The sky was still bright, and the companions arrived at their destination early before the expected time. Before the dinner began, we had a round of Mini Game-50 cents and 1 yuan.



The companions gathered together to open the battle of snatch, laughter lingering in their ears, rippling in the mountains, bringing a lot of life to the silent hills. (applause.) In a cheerful atmosphere, we entered a hearty dinner session.









Before waiting for the food, we raised our glasses and drank together to celebrate the full harvest of the day. The happy day came to an end, and the afternoon hike, though tired, also had a lot of fun. We have succeeded in reaching our destination, such as the way to pursue dreams, although there is sweat on the road, but we always believe that the path of dreams is at the foot of our feet.  Sumai Family , come on!