Youth stimulates and creates splendor together -the Spring Tour of Sumai
RELEASE TIME:2019-03-30

Time flies, March in the fingers of time quietly passed, is coming to an end. While busy at work, Sumai's buddies are willing to slow down and say hello to nature.

Therefore, we firmly grasp the tail of March, and jointly embark on the road to find spring. With this joy and intoxication, we came to Jiaxing Meihua Island scenic spot, which is known as "ten miles peach blossom".



The weather was exceptionally clear, together with the peach blossom festival in the scenic spot, gathered a lot of tourists.


As a dynamic team, we sent two handsome young men to the forefront of the journey.



With the warm sun of spring, a day's journey began.

 First of all, we come to the expansion base of this activity - "Peach Blossom Forest" . Under the direction of the coach, we put on our respective uniforms and ran to find our Partner. After a brief break-up , we have our own small team, as in the company, there are different departments. But only by uniting and cooperating can we become a powerful branch in the development of the company.


Mr. Zheng long, chairman of the company, also participated in the team building. At the beginning of the event, he gave a mobilization speech to the family of Sumai: "I hope you will put down your work, let go of yourself and enjoy yourself on this happy day!"


 So far, the competition among the groups has begun. In the morning, we competed in two rounds of expansion projects: The Da Vinci Code and Challenge five minutes. What we tested was everyone's executive ability, leadership, teamwork ability, like a simulation exercise in the workplace.

 In the process, the team members discuss with each other, in order to solve the "difficult problems", and finally present their most satisfied "works".



The morning game was wonderful because every member of us was moving, and action was the most important step towards success. At noon, the sun shines brightly, but also can not stop the high mood of partners. The drillmaster calls a halt here. Only by adding his own calories, can  struggle forward in the afternoon competition.


Happy dinner hour, coming.




 Take a nap and continue our day's schedule.

As soon as we arrived, the instructor brought  Swipe card dance, as he said in the morning: burn our calories.




Happy opening, eliminating the spring hardship of small partners, but also for themselves, for the team and cheer up.  In the afternoon, the project is "Post Station Biography", which tests the activity of everybody's thinking, When we get caught up in a project, a difficulty,do not confine their own thinking, should be flexible. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the communication within the team. And each group also played its own brain to successfully complete the task within the rules of the game.



A happy day ends in laughter and laughter. After a day's competition, we divided the winners and losers of the competition. Finally,the chairman awarded the winning team a small gift and took a group photo as a souvenir.




 At  this moment, our partner also have a lot of feelings. Through a few minutes of discussion, each group appointed representatives to speak, told their entire day of understanding, summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the team, and analyzed them.


At the end of the program, Mr. Diao Changde, vice president of the company, made a final summary, summarized the overall performance of the event, and also led everyone to express their thanks to the coach. Be grateful, harvest and grow.


Partners enthusiastic participation and sense of responsibility, has been recognized by the organizers, to each partner issued a diploma.



The spring breeze is still blowing, and we should say goodbye to ten li peach blossoms. At the end of the day, we saw a different family, and let our new partner know more about the family. Hope everyone in the next work, full of vitality, full of motivation.

 Never say back, we are the best team, Sumai family, let us work hand in hand!