Annual operating objective performance agreement signed in 2019
RELEASE TIME:2019-03-27

March 23, 2019, 16: 30 p.m., SUMAI Annual operating objectives performance agreement signing ceremony was held in the company.


Zhenglong, Chairman of SUMAI, XuHaicai, President of SUMAI, DiaoChangde, Vice President of SUMAI and other department managers and deputy managers attended the meeting. An annual operating target of 300 million yuan in 2019 was allocated and the target achieved strategic deployment. In the future, based on the achievement of the tasks and objectives of the department, the company and its partners in various departments will work together with other departments to proactively fight for the development and growth of the company and to push for 300 million or more sales. Complete 2019 years of transformation, while allowing employees at the end of the year to enjoy the company dividend.



 As a host, Manager ZhangYan of the Human Administration Department opened the meeting, bringing a full sense of ceremony to everyone.



 In the host's introduction, the company heads of departments in turn, and President XuHaicai signed an annual business objectives performance agreement. Through the form of agreement, set the annual targets of each department.

The first to take the stage was the business unit, the decisive department of whether the company's sales targets will be met, with job-partners confirming their own targets for 2019 and signing an agreement.



Then there are marketing department, business assistant department, front sales department, order department, purchasing department, logistics department, after-sales department, fund internal control department, and manpower administration department, etc., which signed a performance agreement on the annual business objective management in 2019. Reach an agreement for the achievement of the company's annual goals and strive for it.




Among them, as several key departments related to the development of revenue and expenditure, several responsible persons have expounded the future work plan of the department and expressed their determination for the future work objectives of the department.



At the end of the signing ceremony, Chairman Zhenglong, President XuHaicai and Vice President DiaoChangde addressed each other.




The three leaders expressed confidence in the end-of-year sales of 300 million and a vision for the company's future prospects, as well as affirmation and encouragement for the company's buddies' drive. Finally, the signing ceremony came to a successful conclusion in a harmonious atmosphere.