It's important to find you because of you——Sumai Spring Job Fair
RELEASE TIME:2019-03-26

In this sunny Saturday, we entered the campus and society, participated in Sumai spring job fair, in search of you in the vast crowd.

Now, let's walk into the scene together and feel the breath of March together. Spring breeze brushed the face, the organizers hung the red flag, in the sunshine, more youthful vitality and publicity.



A total of 100 booths have been set up in the morning, attracting more than 10 college students, including small partners in the field. Sumai’s exhibition position is stand at golden site of the recruitment site, gathered a number of job-seekers, and also received many people's favor.




Until noon , the job fair is still crowded, increased a lot of popularity to the recruitment square. But Sumai did not stop looking for talent, actively communicate with interviewees and introduce the our company, so that both sides can have a deeper understanding.



In the afternoon, we came to the promising campus-Zhejiang University of Technology, volunteers cordial greetings and warm guidance, let us  feel warm. we arrived at the recruitment booth and looked at the college gymnasium, which we knew well. Young breath fluttered across the face, just like Sumai’s young post-90s team, full of vitality.



After a while, the students arrived at the recruitment scene, looking for their favorite business, they actively introduce themselves, show themselves, and look forward to a good start to their career. With the same point of view, I hope you will be able to reap a great deal in this big family, constantly challenge yourself, and bloom yourself.




Mr. Gorky said: "the happiness of life is measured in seconds!" Happy time is always very short, we exchanged contact with each other, farewell to the lovely students, back to the old family. This job fair has come to a successful end.


Finally, I sincerely hope you can find your ideal job, and welcome to join us . We want you!