Gratitude from the heart·Let love warm each other————Sumai Good-bye Party for Excellent Employees
RELEASE TIME:2019-03-22

In this warm March, all employees of Sumai held a farewell party for Lin Jiayu, an outstanding employee who was leaving our family.



Jiayu, an excellent post-90s graduating from college last year. in the company’s more than a year, with her own enthusiasm, she continued to learn and enterprising, break through herself and challenge herself, and finally become the company's youngest manager. The management of the company also highly rated her.



At the beginning of the meeting, his immediate leader delivered a speech, a review of Jiayu's work. From the beginning to the present, she has experienced the reassignment work of many departments and has become familiar with the work system of the various departments of the company. However, this young girl is still learning and growing up. And constantly summarize, reflect, strive for the development of the company to put forward favorable suggestions.


The most profound memory is the excel course training that Jiayu prepared for everyone one week before leaving the company The company specially binds the training content into a booklet for employees to learn. Not only that, but Jia Yu also carefully sorted out the relevant work contents and precautions of the department through careful observation of daily work, and compiled them into a book. This two thick booklet represents Jiayu's hard work and dedication to the company. Here, thanks to jiayu.



Then, Jia Yu took the stage to tell the story of her starting from the beginning of the job. She recalled that she had been studying under the guidance of her mentor when she first entered the company, and now she can be alone; from knowing nothing, to having excellent management skills... She showed her gratitude to the company. In addition, Jiayu has also sorted out relevant Problems and solutions for some departments to help each position better adapt to the work.



At the moment of separation, a lot of people are in tears. We hope that Jiayu in the future will have a wider world, and be happy with family members. Just like Sumai, able to happy work, happy life, rigorous work.


Finally, the host sent a gift of blessing to Jiayu—representing her commemorative crystal ball that grew up in the sumai, hoping to bring good luck to her.



Jiayu, we hope that everything goes well!