2019 Annual Conference: Concentric and win-win, building dreams
RELEASE TIME:2019-01-03

Over the past year, with diligence and wisdom, we have achieved a new leap forward in our performance throughout the year.On such a day of celebration, In order to bring us closer together,We held the 2019 annual conference in Anji and arranged a pleasant journey for two days and one night.


On the day of the annual meeting, Anji had a heavy snowfall. There is an old saying in China called “Ruixue Zhaofeng Year”. We believe this beautiful snow scene is a symbol of the new year that sumai will usher in.



Act 1: Signing ceremony 

At the time of admission, everyone signed the name on the background wall and received a New Year gift - a red scarf symbolizing happiness.



Act 2: Opening Video 

At the beginning, we watched a video on employee growth and company development. In 2019 and the coming days, everyone will always work together and continue to grow.



Act 3: Speech by Heads of Departments 

The heads of each department made a speech on the stage and sent a red envelope to everyone.Their inspiring words gave us a new impetus and we believe that under the leadership of management in 2019, the company will achieve even better results.



Act 4: Speech by the Chairman 

Under the wise leadership of the chairman of the board, SUMAI has overcome one problem after another, so that in a short period of four years, our company has grown to its current size.In the face of the upcoming 2019, the chairman of the company also made a new plan for the company,everyone is looking forward to doing their part for the future development of the company.



Act 5: Presentation of Honours 

In the middle of 2018, there were many outstanding individuals who performed well, and the company set up a generous award for them. Here, we hope that the award-winning colleagues can continue to work hard in the new year, and the non-award-winning colleagues can also aim for and work for it.


Of course, in addition to these "serious" awards, we also set up some "not serious" awards. For example, the Lin Sister Award, the longest award for girls 'hair... When these awards were presented, the scene was became an ocean of laughter.



Act 7: Department Show Performance 

Looking at the familiar members on the stage to show the side that can not be seen normally, people cheered again and again, each performer on the stage is also full of vitality.



Act 8: Closing of the Annual Conference 

At the end of the banquet, the president gave a speech and ushered in the final special award session. The chairman had promised that if the company's sales in 2018 reached 150 million yuan, The employees present at the time are still in office at this time, so they will be given a generous bonus for each at the 2019 annual meeting.

This is the promise of domineering, this is the firm companion, this is also the new glory.



Additional activities: Central and South Baicao Garden 

On the second day, The activities are mainly divided into three parts: zoo, amusement facilities, and custom performances. We feel relaxed and comfortable in the environment of nature, entertainment, and culture.