The voice of sumai
RELEASE TIME:2018-08-24

In the golden autumn of 2018, in order to show the spirit of employees, to enrich the life of employees, and to discover outstanding literary talents, we has organized a singing competition—— "The voice of sumai" .



We set up four team mentors and the public review, led by the team mentors to compete fiercely, and finally rushed into the finals! The PK, the resurrection, and every link are very exciting. The contestants are all extraordinary and brilliant, let us feel the different styles of everyone!



During the preparation phase of the competition, the various departments were busy and orderly. Our four team leaders are ready to go, and everyone is looking forward to the start of the game.



First of all, our team of mentors took the stage, introduced their contestants, and completed a wonderful chorus together. Every instructor was full of confidence in their team, and they were already full of gunpowder. 



After the instructor's introduction, our players will officially play. Each one is a male and female prostitute, and the strength is extraordinary. Sweet wind, lyrical style, jazz style, rock and roll style are all in the air.

The atmosphere at the scene has been completely ignited, and the audience is deeply attracted by the singing of the players. When the song is deep, everyone is immersed in their own world and deeply immersed in it; when it comes to the igniting, the audience will Start waving the light stick and scream for the contestant!



The staff then began to count the scores of the instructors and the public judges. The host announced the results of the competition. The competition was finally over, and the instructors began to express their opinions for the competition.



With the bursting of the salute, the preliminary round was successfully concluded. Today, there are joys for players to advance, and there are regrets for elimination, but we will remember the wonderful performance of each player and praise them for their courage and confidence! I hope that in the days to come, we can see more talents and more possibilities for the company's employees!