Pleasant seaside journey
RELEASE TIME:2018-07-15

Before we set off, we first filmed several creative photos of our group.

Then, we came to the beach of Zhoushan with fine weather and beautiful scenery.

On the beach, we played the game. There are two major links in the game: fun relay and tug-of-war. All of them are divided into four teams of orange, yellow, green and blue.

Look! Everyone is cheering for their team, everyone is full of energy and immersed in the joy of the game.


After the game, everyone went to the sea to play in the water and had a great time.

Next, we headed to the next stop for a sumptuous barbecue dinner and a fun "bonfire party".

Along with everyone's laughter, the wonderful seaside day trip has come to a successful end, and the distance between everyone has been closer. Hope that we can always unite for a long time!