Surprise birthday party
RELEASE TIME:2018-06-16

Birthday is one of the most important days of the year for many of us. It symbolizes a new beginning and it also records the growth of each of us.In the new year and new growth, Sumai specially organized their surprise birthday party for the colleagues who are in the first half of the birthday.


In the preparation of the birthday party, we customized a birthday gift for each person in advance, ordered delicious cakes, fruits, and drinks, and kept them strictly confidential. In order to bring surprises to colleagues on these first-half birthdays, in the morning before all of  colleagues had arrived at the company, we put a birthday gift with a name in their corresponding workspace. On this day, all surprise activities are in secret.

part 1.

After revealing the origin of the mystery gift, the deputy general manager expressed concern for every colleague who had a birthday in the first half of the year and sent a blessing with sincerity.


part 2.

Give blessings to birthdays and wear a birthday crown.


part 3.

Reveal the veil of mysterious gift, everybody opens the gift novelty.



part 4.

Sharing cake, making wishes, hoping everyone's wishes will come true!

It‘s a touching word to meet.  It is fortunate that everyone can meet in Sumait,. We have already merged into one, and we hope that everyone will be more united, make progress together, work together happily, live a happy life, work rigorously, and strive hard for the company's future.

Once again, wishing our birthdays happy every day!