Wonderful team building day
RELEASE TIME:2018-04-21

In order to welcome all the new colleagues who join in our company In the past few months,we picked a fine day in late April to go to the Qingshan Lake for team building,and a variety of activities are prepared.

We had a really wonderful and meaningful time,everyone has gained a lot .




After a two hours' drive,we arrived the destination,and warm-up exercise is the first part of the activity.




Dragon boat race:

Then we had a Dragon boat race,it’s a unique activity in China.With the strong drums and slogan,we all worked together to make our dragon boats move fast on the lake.





After the morning's activities, we had a barbecue for lunch.

Because of intense exercise in the morning, everyone was hungry and can't wait to start to prepare barbecue.Some were responsible for the barbecue, others were responsible for setting the table.We ate meat skewers, vegetable skewers, squid skewers, roasted sweet potatoes and so on.




In certain game area,the coach guided us through several games,everybody removed the sense of formality and strangeness very quickly by the ice-breaking game.




These activities have familiarized us with all the other colleagues, learned how to express themselves,also understood the big power of unity.

What a wonderful day!