Welcome to 2018 Sumai Annual Gala
RELEASE TIME:2018-01-01

Annual gala is remarkable for every company, every community should be carnival and party, this is very important aspect for showing humanity among modern enterprises, and also a part of company culture. On the other hand, annual convention can inspire employee, and better opportunity for communication, improve the relationship between company and employee, stay close with each other. Furthermore, it’s also the break for every worker, they will prepare some fabulous activities or shows, it’s a chance for exercise what they are good at. In a word, it’s joyful and exciting.


As for Sumai annual gala, it’s consist of 8 parts.



1st part - opening

Hosts stand on the fantastic stage, to express their best wishes, and also brief summary for the part year. They prepared all the plays secretly, so everyone don’t know what the party really would be, so they are all shocked while stepped into the grant hall.


2nd part - former employee step onto the stage

Anyway, we must say thank you to those sponsors, they prepared everything, and also this warm part. They left because of some reasons, but we are all stay closely, keep in touch, so when they come out, we are all surprised and moved deeply.


3rd part - speech from the head of each department

We can’t develop without every hardworking team mate, especially those managers, who are dedicated to their work, we can foresee the bright future.


4th part - Red packets

This is everyone in desiring, while you get big red packet, you can imagine how exciting everyone looks like. It’s Chinese traditional, to express the best wishes and blessing.


5th part - honor & rewards

Honors & rewards to those who made great achievement or dedicated their life into work all the year, to praise and inspire them, hope they can make it better in the next year.


6th part - games and bonus

Get the bonus by games, it’s very exciting, because our bonus is very big, iphone8, ipad...


7th part - play show

Every department should prepare, and it’s confidential and funny, and can get extra bonus if get the team score is number 1.


8th part - end

Time elapse smoothly and silently, but we take shot for every moment, that’s amazing and unforgettable. We will fight for the next coming year, to achieve our goal.