Embrace the movement to new working place
RELEASE TIME:2017-09-26

We developed very fast, and we’ve moved to many places unconsciously. It was amazing, over 50 people got together, and fully occupied with carrying and moving, we were exhausted indeed, but also feel very excited.


Two months ago, our teammates already participated in the new office decoration, in order to create comfortable and excellent environment, and also express our culture & humanity, we beat our brains out.


Meanwhile, we also held simple ribbon-cutting ceremony. During that time, our general manager made an brief statement about his own tough striving experience, and thank for our accompany, hope we can grow and develop together. We learned hardships as for starting up an company, we should absorb his personal spiritual quality, and strive for the better future.


Afterwards, we were celebrating to have dinner, we toasted for each other, and express the best wishes. To be frankly, most of them can drink a lot.