Waves of attractive photos
RELEASE TIME:2017-10-28

October is golden autumn, and also typical for harvest. Sumai also embrace its success. Now we will show you waves of attractive photos of our team. There are many charming girls, would you rush to a good look? Please follow us tightly.



Before taking group photo shoot, girls were all well-dressed and prepared, put on professional dress. Meanwhile, boys stand in the front of mirror and with handsome suit. Follow me and take a look at those energetic faces.


Business department


Product R&D department


Order processing department


Purchasing department


Quality control department


Packing department



As goes with the development of our company, the responsibility of every department will be much more specific, and much more normalized. We’ve separated into several departments though, but we are with the same object, to strive for the better future of company. Welcome to join us!