The third anniversary celebration of Sumai
RELEASE TIME:2018-07-15

On July 14th, in this grand and festive day, Sumai ushered in its third anniversary. For a startups, the third anniversary is a particularly important turning point.It represents the baptism of the company in the past, and it also represents the company's future prospects, as the theme of this celebration. Words - "Do not forget the initial heart, not afraid of the future."

Launching Ceremony - Commemorative coin and the signature ceremony



Act 1 - Intro

Part1. Opening dance


Part2. The ceremony officially began


Part3. Employee representatives give gifts to the general manager and deputy general manager


Act 2 - Thanksgiving


Act 3 - Wonderful performances and awards


Act 4 - The relay link, representing a new person to take over the position of supervisor


Act 5 - Lottery



Act 6 - Deputy General Manager's speech


Good times are always short-lived. This day is special for everyone. There are joys, touches, and blessings on this day. Once again, Happy third anniversary! Wishing us a bright future, we will open up new fields and hope that we will be friends in the next ten years.