The 2nd Voice of Sumai Semifinal
RELEASE TIME:2019-08-24

After preparing for a month, The 2nd Voice of Sumai Semi-final has coming tonight. All of you must remember the impressed singers and their exciting performance in the preliminary stage which will never fade out of our mind, and today, let's rock the stage and burn your soul!




In July, 24 outstanding singers were advanced in the audition competition. After the guidance of the team's instructors and with their unremitting practice , the players once again stood on the stage and show their voice.

In the semi-final session, the organizer have the pleasure to invited Mr. Zheng Long, the chairman of Hangzhou Sumai Technology Co., Ltd., as a special guest of the competition, to participate in the comments of the contestants. In addition, Organizer set up a surprise session, the instructors invited a "dream tutor" for their team, the dream tutor will participate in the whole game.




With the participation of dream tutors, how can organizers be willing to let them hide their strength? At the beginning of the game, the two mentors went to play together to bring songs of different styles to everyone.










And here, the competition between the players is really on the way. The semi-finals, all the players need to battle with their internal team mate to determine the promotion ticket of finals and also the loser will get in the pending list.

The semi-finals are divided into three rounds: the first round is 1 VS 1 inner team battle, the second round of the pending singers’ battle, and the third round promotion singers’ battle. At the end of the match, the organizers will be able to open the online vote, and one of the defeated players will be able to enter the final through the vote. The final semi-final player will be promoted to 13. Say no more, let's go to the scene together.


1st Round-1 VS 1 battle

1 VS 1 Inner team battle, each two singers of each team will battle for one promotion quota.





A good song often can be sung by a person's tears, and the singing of the song is such as to be intoxicated, and the voice of the song is so strong that the heat of the person is boiling. Through the fierce competition, Three of them will get promotion each team and the one who get the lowest points out the game, the total promotion ticket are 8.


In a few hours of comparison, the passion under the table still hasn't been returned. The players were also intoxicated, and they finally made a decision. To be determined, the contestant is ready to prepare for the next round. 

2nd Round- pending singers’ battle

The singer in the pending list need to fight with each other, the winner of the competition will promoted directly , the other player directly eliminated. A song, take us to relive the classic, each musical symbol is arousing the audience's heart. The atmosphere at the scene was also hot.





After the two rounds of fierce competition, finally reached the best part of the game-promotion.

3rd - Promotion singers’ battle

Each team of four players will randomly divided into two groups, 1 VS 1 battle, two of the winners directly into the Finals, the other two eliminated; and in this section, each mentor has a resurrection quota, can use the right to resurrect the favorite contestants.

Calls, cries, one after another. Each student's singing is very wonderful, so that the mentors have a long time to choose. Finally, the promotion competition successfully promoted to 12 people.



Finally, The 2nd Voice of Sumai Semifinal came to the end, the contestants beautiful and moving song is unforgettable for a long time, a cry, a burst of applause, let us once again feel the strength of the team. And we have always expected our families at work to slow down and find the beauty around us. Hope that all the contestants, still with the love of music, happy work, happy life!